Oncology | permalink posted by gardenrain brain tumors 23/12/2009 â  localized intracranial space occupying lesions. viagra pills in mumbai viagra pills in mumbai Tumors usually grow as a spherical mass or diffuse and infiltrate tissue â  tumor effects occur from the compression and infiltration of tissue increased intracranial pressure cerebral edema seizure activity focal neurologic signs hydrocephalus altered pituitary function â  effects of neoplasm depend on the region of the brain occupied by the tumor: primary tumors: originate from cells and structures within the brain secondary (metastatic) tumors: develop from structures outside the brain occur in 20-40% of all patients with cancer brain tumors rarely metastasize outside the cns metastasis origin lungs breast lower gi tract pancreas kidneys skin â  etiology: glial and meningeal tumors: linked to ionizing radiation exposure incidence â in adults – higher incidence in the fifth, sixth and seventh decades â higher incidence in men than women â adult brain tumors originate most often originate from glial cells (forming the supportive structures of the spinal cord and cns) mri of brain tumor: leave a comment » | brain tumors, neurology, oncology | permalink posted by gardenrain the universal fatigue assessment scale 06/10/2009 leave a comment » | cardiology, chronic fatigue, infection, oncology | permalink posted by gardenrain zollinger-ellison tumor 09/09/2009 these tumors produce high levels of the hormone gastrin. 100 mg viagra buy viagra cheap These tumors cause a hypersecretion of gastric acid that prodices peptic ulcers as a result of a non-beta cell tumor of the pancreatic islets. generic viagra canada Symptoms: abdominal pain diarrhea ulcers in the stomach and small bowel hematemesis (vomiting blood), rare leave a comment » | oncology, organ system: digestive | permalink posted by gardenrain tumor lysis syndrome (tls) 21/08/2009 tumor lysis syndrome (tls) is a group of metabolic complications that can occur after treatment of cancer. viagra online Tls is caused by the fast breakdown of certain types of cancer cells. viagra online overnight delivery usa Tls can cause kidney failure and the need for dialysis treatment. order viagra online in toronto on Sym. india generic viagra online pharmacy viagra generic 3 Chord Pro